Westco Sanitary Fitting

Each sanitary clamp hose coupling is manufactured using 304 stainless steel and made to fit many various hose types.

Sanitary Male NPT Hose Coupling CIP
Each male npt hose coupling is made from 304 stainless steel with a 15Ra inside finish to meet most food based fitting requirements and has been designed to fit many different hose types. One end features an interlocking system for a collar while the other includes a standard NPT pipe thread.
Part # Hose Size Thread Size OA Length Barb Length
SA100MNPT 1.00" 1.00" NPT 4.00" 1.75"
SA150MNPT 1.50" 1.50" NPT 3.75" 2.00"
SA200MNPT 2.00" 2.00" NPT 4.50" 2.60"